Pooja and Upakarma

A talk by Gurudev today in satsang on the eve of Upakarma

Q: How to increase creativity?
Sri Sri: Meditation, pranayama, and yoga.
If someone is chanting mantras and when we say, “Bring this. Bring that. Where did you keep the water” then it seems like throwing mud.  When mantra chanting is going on no other language is required.  When you are doing pooja, there should be dignity and respect given to the pooja. You do not have to do pooja for a long time. Just do pooja for 30 minutes with devotion and honor. We have surrendered our own mind that is Namah. That is pooja.

Manah is mind.  Yoga is uniting the mind, body, and breath. There is no point in running behind mantras. When we are in meditation, then the mantras manifest.

Before doing pooja, we should keep everything and then do pooja. Don’t talk while doing the pooja.

You have heard music today. To bathe in the music, is experiencing the ultimate (Para Bramha). One way to lose the mind is naad (music). While listening to music, your mind, intellect dissolves. Then we meditate and we start our journey towards the Divine.
While listening to the chanting, the mind becomes empty. If you do not understand the meaning, that is better. Otherwise the mind is still active. That is why we have beej mantras which have infinite meanings. When there is finite meaning, the mind becomes active again.

Mantras mean that which takes us beyond the mind. The word is mantra. This is the significance of Veda Mantras. The Rishis saw the mantras during meditation, they downloaded the mantras when they came in the Divine range. While listening to the mantras, you become empty.

If you keep taking bath the whole day, you will become a fish! You chant mantras for a few minutes and then experience the effect of it. There are a few people who chant for 24 hours! This is not a siddhi. Their intellect does not function. You chant and count a little and then let go and become empty. When we are empty, then we move on our journey towards the ultimate.

We have three responsibilities.
We are indebted to our parents, who have brought us into this planet.
We are indebted to our Gurus, who have given us knowledge.
We are indebted to the society. Through someone’s hard work your life is running.
To take off this debt of society, we do seva.
To take off the debt of Gurus, we share what knowledge we have received from our Gurus.
Whatever we can do for our parents, we do. You should make an effort to make people happy.
To remind us of the debt and reinvigorate our sankalpa, we do the Upakarma.